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  1. When we were playing games with the elderly folks, they were very sporting and did their forfeit happily and willingly.

    -Joshua Tan, 4B, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  2. I feel that some old folks, despite being limited in their ability to clean their house, can still take good care of their living units.

    -Donald Sim, 4C, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  3. I learnt that old folks are very sporting. We played a few games and they were more than happy to do the forfeits when asked.

    Joshua Tan, 4B, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  4. I feel that some old folks. despite being limited in their ability to do so, can still take good care of their living units. I felt sorry for some of the old folks who are afflicted with disabilities.

    Donald Sim, 4C Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  5. From volunteering at Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre, I’ve learned that old folks need people to relate to and to cheer them up. They are also very fit and we should learn from them and not doubt their abilities.

    -Audrey Lee, 4G, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  6. I learned that most old folks live by themselves. Although many of them did not want us to clean their houses, they wanted us to keep them company and chat with them, because they feel lonely and need somebody to talk to.

    Christina Teo, 4G, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  7. I felt happy for the old folks as they have good relationships with their neighbors. One of them asked me to pass some bread to one of her neighbors. I think its really good to know that they have such good relationships with each other.

    -Latonia Tay, 4G, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

  8. although i couldnt engage in a conversation with the elders, they were so friendly and always carry a heart-warming smile =). found myself that i can be so much more understanding, and these folks need a listening ear that they can tell about their story.and they are really some healthy and happy folks staying there at Banda St.

    -weijie, St Andrew’s JC Local CIP

  9. Thank you for allowing us to do a community service project at the centre. It was an enriching experience for the teams and myself, learning about the spirit of volunteerism from the volunteers at the centre and learning about life’s lessons from the seniors through our little conversations.

  10. The experience made me learn that the old folks there lead non-extravagant lives and usually reside alone. That was why they enjoyed the company of us youths and we were also glad to put a smile on their faces. Communication was a slight barrier but we overcame that through simple hand signs and speaking Mandarin, which some of them understood. Overall, it was nice to interact with the elderly. 😉

  11. I was amazed by the active participation of the senior citizens at thet home during the games section as well as the karaoke session. They were enthusiastic and appreciative of our efforts and I am glad that i visited this home and had the opportunity to experience a day with them.

  12. In the short span of time that I interacted with the senior citizens, I gained a greater understanding on how senior citizens led their lives and I also realised how they appreciated KASAC for providing them with an opportunity to bond with other people. I hope they enjoyed their time with my friends and I as much as we did.

  13. i realized that there is so much to learn from these elderly and i really enjoyed interacting with
    them throughout the morning.

    -Diana Ho, SAJC

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